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Genetic evaluations for dairy cattle are available from GeneSeek through the national U.S. dairy evaluation or in-house custom evaluations. In addition, experts at GeneSeek have created custom prediction equations to provide evaluations for dairy cattle


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USDA-CDCB Genomic Tests

GeneSeek serves as a nominator to submit animals to the USDA-CDCB (Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding) national U.S. evaluation.

The CDCB genomic fees are structured in such a manner that those who are providing the most data or information of the greatest value to the cooperator database are rewarded for their contribution. The fee schedule encourages contributors to not only maintain but grow the amount and kinds of data they are contributing to the system to improve genomic estimates in the future.

All required Female Fees and Initial Male Fees will be collected by the nominator ( GeneSeek ). AI Service Fees will be collected by NAAB. All fees collected will be forwarded to CDCB. The Female Fee and Initial Male Fee will be charged only on the first genotype submitted for that animal.

For the fees for submitting genomic data to the CDCB, please see the CDCB Fee Schedule

All animals submitted on these genomic tests must be a minimum of 87% Norwegian Red



  • Powered by a custom chip with nearly 150,000 genetic markers.
  • Produces the most reliable CDCB evaluations.
  • Includes over 45 traits




  • Powered by a custom chip that includes nearly 42,000 genetic markers.
  • Proven return on investment for many dairies.
  • Supported by the CDCB to give highly accurate results.



  • Powered by a low-density chip with custom content.
  • Provides highly reliable results for cost-conscious producers.
  • Supported by the CDCB to give accurate results.




GeneSeek in-house evaluations



  • Great genomic testing tool for Norwegian Red influenced animals that are less than 87%.
  • Features some of the most important dairy production markers.
  • Returns a 1–10 score making it easy to interpret your results.