Registering Your Animals

Just as our Mission states: “To provide programs and services that enhances the economic and genetic potential of Composite Dairy Cattle. We pledge to strive for the success of our members and the dairy industry by creating marketing opportunities that add economic value.”

Registering your animals can increase the value beyond the cost of the registration fees.  A Registration Paper shows the ancestry of each animal and provides legitimacy to the pedigree lineage.

Cattle of any quality are fairly easily marketed, but cattle that have a registration paper show that you value the time it takes to keep accurate records and the opportunity to identify, track and document the ancestry of past generations and future offspring and take pride in associating your name with animals that you breed.

There are many reasons for registering your animals and buying registered stock, whether you are a breeder or producer.

Conservation and Preservation: A registry is essential in keeping the pedigrees and information on animals in a herd book to preserve the ancestry and history of the animals and the breed.  The registry itself is the headquarters for the preservation of this information, and by supporting it through the registration of your animals; you are contributing to the promotion, conservation, and other programs and services that are offered to its members.

Breeding: Knowing and documenting the pedigree ensures that the ancestry of an animal is known.  Listing the breed makeup and breed percentages of your animals on registration papers can aid in making breeding decisions.

Value: Knowing more than “she is just a cow”, when you breed quality animals utilizing top genetics, registered animals are more valuable than grade or non-registered animals.  When opportunities arise and you have breeding stock for sale, potential buyers will have more interest and be willing to pay a higher price because of documentation and information that is available on the animals.

Diversity: Without a registry, you won’t be able to find other breeders that are breeding animals with known quality. Genetic lines can disappear, become too inbred or a breeds existence can be threatened.

Marketing:  The U.S. is recognized as a world leader of genetics. It is the largest exporter of embryos, semen, and registered cattle. Many Countries seek these quality genetics from breeders in the U.S. and one of the requirements is they must be from registered animals.  By working together and joining other like-minded breeder’s, thru a registry, you can take advantage of opportunities for marketing your genetics internationally.

Ownership: Registration papers can come in handy to provide proof of ownership for neighbors, insurance, theft or other situations.

Security: When you register and identify your animals with a registry, it can give you peace of mind knowing that pedigrees and information on your animals is available in the event your information is lost thru some type of disaster and can easily be replaced.