nared_story_pic_lgNorth American Red

The North American Red are comprised of European Red Dairy Breeds that include Swedish Red and White, Red Dane, Norwegian Red, British Ayrshire, German Red Angler and “Red” breeds from Australia of Aussie Red and Illawarra. They can also include “Red” genetics of US Ayrshire, Canadian Ayrshire and Red and White Holstein.

The North American Red, by utilizing and blending the red genotypes of the breeds together, including the heritable health traits the Scandinavians breed have been selecting for years,  produces an animal with a unique blend of genetics that offers many benefits that can be added to your herd.

Production Benefits:

  • Higher fat yield
  • Higher protein yield
  • High milk composition with high volume

Health Benefits:

  • Low calf mortality
  • Ease of calving
  • Resistance to Mastitis
  • Fertility
  • Workability traits
  • Disease Resistance

Red Dairy Cattle are popular in Nordic countries. A relatively strong emphasis has been placed on functional traits such as health and fertility.