Genetic Evaluations

Official USDA Evaluations

Official USDA Genetic Evaluations occur three times per year December, April and August. A sire must have a minimum of 10 daughters before he can receive a production or linear evaluation.

If you are on DHI test it is very important that your cattle are correctly identified so that their information can be included in a sire's proof. All animals whether registered or grade having sire IDs are included in the evaluations.  Sire ID for animals MUST be entered by their NAAB stud code number or a registration number.  Entering sire information with a name will not work because there can be several bulls with the same code name.

Be sure to have proper Identification

It is extremely important to have accurate records on your cattle for identification, health, reproduction and production.

Proper breed code is very important, generally animals are identified for breed acording to the breed of sire. Please download the following code sheet for the breed codes that have been assigned to the dairy breeds.


How to Properly Identify your animals

RFID 840 numbers. Cattle registered with the Composite Dairy Cattle Registry that have an RFID tag that starts with 840 will be used as the official registration number. Be sure to enter the complete 15-digit number that begins with 840. The numeric number 840 can be cross-referenced to the 3 letter country code of USA. The number can be listed in one of 2 ways as outlined below, both methods must contain 15 characters.

84000123456789  or  USA000123456789

Composite Dairy Cattle Registry registration number. If an animal has been assigned a regular registration number by the Composite Dairy Cattle Registry, please use this number to identify your animals with DHI.

RFID and registration number. If you have an animal that was initially registered and assigned a number by the Composite Dairy Cattle Registry and was later tagged with an 840 RFID tag, the animal should be identified with DHI by the registration number assigned by the Composite Dairy Cattle Registry.

Registration papers with the Composite Dairy Cattle Registry has fields for cross-referencing identification on animals by various means, tattoo, herd ear tag numbers, RFID, Brand or other noted identification. These cross-references gives more that one way to be able to properly identify an animal.

Annual Inventory Report

The Composite Dairy Cattle Registry will send to members an annual herd inventory report via email or regular mail for the member to update information on animals that are registered with the Composite Dairy Cattle Registry. Updated information that can be submitted are RFID tag numbers or other ID numbers that have been issued or changed.