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Below are the bull listings for each breed .  All bulls listed are also enrolled in the NAAB Cross Reference.





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NAAB Cross-Referencing Program

The NAAB Cross-Reference Program maintains identification information on dairy bulls which have been assigned NAAB uniform codes. This information is then made available to the industry for improving the level of sire identification for resulting offspring. NAAB has a database which cross-references NAAB codes to official identification numbers as a service to bull owners. Participation in this service is open to any qualified owner or lessor of bulls which have had semen collected.

The NAAB cross-reference database also maintains information on bulls which make genetic evaluations more useful. Many cows have their sires identified by the NAAB code. By participating in the NAAB Cross-Reference Program makes the records of these cows available for USDA genetic evaluations. Many service sires are identified by their NAAB code when breeding data is recorded for farm management purposes. By participating in the NAAB Cross Reference Program allows for these numbers to be converted to official identification numbers.

Enrolling a bull in the NAAB Cross-Reference Program automatically gets him listed in "Dairy Bulls in A.I. which is distributed to DHI supervisors, A.I. Sire Analysts, DRPC's, dairy producers and others inquiring about sire identity. With a bull enrolled in the NAAB Cross-Reference Program it allows for improved identification of their offspring and greatly enhance the bull having a most complete genetic evaluation.

The Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDCB) is a key cooperator in this program. They check the information against the breed associations' pedigree files to ensure the bulls are accurately identified. When verified, this information is incorporated in the CDCB files and distributed to the industry along with the genetic evaluations.

The Dairy Record Processing Centers also use this information to process DHIA production records. When they encounter a production record for a cow whose sire is identified with an NAAB uniform code, they use the information supplied by NAAB to cross reference this code with his correct registration number. This is where the program received its name.

Enrolling a bull's code in the NAAB Cross Reference Program makes his NAAB uniform code a useful identification tool throughout the dairy industry.

The NAAB Uniform Code contains and conveys three useful pieces of information:

    A one to three digit numeric code indicating where the semen was processed.
    A two letter alpha code designating the breed of the bull (HO = Holstein)
    A one to five digit numeric code identifying the bull which produced the semen.

Proper identification of a bull's eligible daughters is the most important reason to participate. Because the NAAB code is conveniently available at the time of insemination, and is a common form of sire identification. However, before a cow's production record can be used for genetic evaluations, her sire needs to be identified with a registration number. Enrollment in the cross reference program enables a sire's NAAB code to be converted to his registration number.

If you are planning to progeny test a bull in multiple herds, you will have little control over how a bull's daughters will be identified. Many production records are not used in genetic evaluations because the sire is not properly identified. By listing your bull in the NAAB Cross Reference Program you will make his NAAB uniform code a proper form of identification. This will increase the chances that all of a bull's daughters will get properly identified. He will then receive an earlier and more complete genetic evaluation.

The NAAB Cross Reference Program operates on a cycle corresponding with the CDCB genetic evaluations. To initially enroll in the program, simply contact NAAB and we will supply the necessary forms and information. For a bull to be included in the genetic evaluation, he needs to be enrolled with the NAAB.

After the initial enrollment, NAAB will send controllers a list of previously enrolled bulls before each evaluation. This will allow controllers to update any information on these bulls, or to add any bulls which have just been collected.

Participants pay a one time enrollment fee. They also pay for each NAAB uniform code enrolled in the program.

Please contact the Composite Dairy Cattle Registry for forms and more information concerning enrolling bulls in the NAAB Cross-Reference Program.

Be sure to have proper Identification

It is extremely important to have accurate records on your cattle for identification, health, reproduction and production.

Proper breed code is very important, generally animals are identified for breed according to the breed of sire. Please download the following code sheet for the breed codes that have been assigned to the dairy breeds.