Igenity-Basic is a great tool for producers of "Non-Traditional" breeds, including crossbred animals, that do not qualifying for the USDA-CDCB (Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding) genomic evaluation.

Why Igenity-Basic?

  • Great genomic testing tool for crossbred breeders.
  • Features some of the most important dairy production markers.
  • Returns a 1–10 score making it easy to interpret your results.
  • Add-on content available that can be used to work toward specific breeding goals.

Breeds supported: All dairy breeds regardless of breed makeup.  Also the breeds of Milking Fleckvieh, Montbeliarde, ProCross, Milking Shorthorn and Guernsey.

Submission information: Animal ID and breed are required information for each sample submitted. If parentage is desired, please submit NAAB codes for suggested sires. Turnaround time for this profile is approximately 2 to 3 weeks.

Profile Detail: Currently, the only commercially available test for owners of "Non-Traditional" breeds, crossbred animals and dairy breeds that are unable to take advantage of the more powerful profiles.

Igenity-Basic includes 15 key traits that are of the most important to dairy production:

Key Traits

  • Milk Yield
  • Fat (lbs)
  • Fat %
  • Protein (lbs)
  • Protein %
  • Somatic Cell Score
  • Productive Life (months)
  • Fertility
  • Dairy Form
  • Coat Color
  • Kappa Casein
  • Beta Casein
  • Beta Lactoglobulin
  • BLAD
Dairy Add-Ons

  • A2  and Milk Proteins
  • BVD diagnostic testing
  • SeekSire Parentage
  • Causative Horned / Polled
  •  Complex Vertebral Malformation (CVM)




Basic: $28
Basic-Plus (includes SeekSire): $33

Required Information

  • Sample ID
  • Animal ID
  • Unique ID
    (Reg. #/RFID/AIN)
  • Breed
  • Sex
  • Birth Date
  • Multiple birth status
  • Preferred: Sire ID
  • Preferred: Dam ID