Igenity-Elite was specifically created with the elite dairy breeder in mind. Powered by 150,000 markers, it produces the most accurate evaluations by the Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDCB) and is an excellent tool for breeders looking to identify their very best cattle.

Why Igenity- Elite?

  • International gold standard profile.
  • Powered by a custom chip with nearly 150,000 genetic markers.
  • Produces the most reliable CDCB evaluations.
  • Excellent tool for breeders looking to identify top animals.

All breeds must be at least 87% purebred.

Breeds supported: Holstein, Jersey and Brown Swiss, as these breeds receive calculated indices for the respective breed from GeneSeek. 

GeneSeek serves as a nominator to submit animals to the USDA-CDCB (Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding) national U.S. evaluation.

The Igenity-Elite can be used for submitting the Ayrshire, North American Red, Swedish Red and White, Red Dane, Finnish Ayrshire, Norwegian Red and European Reds that are a minimum of 87% of breed or 87%-combination of the "Red" breeds.

The Igenity-Elite is also used for submitting the Guernsey breed to the USDA-CDCB that are a minimum of 87% of breed.

Submission information: All information required by the CDCB evaluation must be submitted with each sample. Turnaround time for this profile is approximately 3-4 weeks.

Profile Detail: Results from Igenity-Elite include over 45 traits received from the CDCB evaluation and includes content for coat color, milk components and genetic conditions.

Igenity-Elite includes the following traits plus additional add-on content:

Key Traits

  • Parentage verification
  • Net Merit
  • Milk Yield
  • Fat (lbs)
  • Protein (lbs)
  • Somatic Cell Score
  • Productive Life (months)
  • Daughter Pregnancy Rate
  • Daughter Calving Ease *
  • Igenity Performance Index (IPI)
  • Grazing Merit
  • Final Score (PTAT)
  • Genomic Future Inbreeding
Yield Traits
Fertility Traits  

  • Fat %
  • Protein %
  • Cheese Merit
  • Fluid Merit
  • Sire Calving Ease
  • Heifer Conception Rate
  • Cow Conception Rate
  • Daughter Stillbirth *
  • Sire Stillbirth *
  • Haplotype Status
Type Traits

  • Feet/Leg Composite *
  • Udder Composite *
  • Stature
  • Strength
  • Body Depth *
  • Dairy Form
  • Rump Angle
  • Thurl Width
  • Rear Legs Side View
  • Rear Legs Rear View *
  • Foot Angle
  • Feet and Leg Score *
  • Fore Udder Attachment
  • Rear Udder Height
  • Rear Udder Width
  • Udder Cleft
  • Udder Depth
  • Front Teat Placement
  • Rear Teat Placement
  • Teat Length
Genetic Conditions

  • Coat Color (including Black / Red)
  • Dominant Red Coat Color *
  • Haplotype Polled
  • Haplotype Brachyspina *
  • Haplotype CVM *
  • HCD *
  • Kappa Casein
  • Beta Casein
  •  Beta Lactoglobulin
  • BLAD *
  • DUMPS *
  • Mulefoot *
Dairy Add-Ons

  • BVD Diagnostic Testing
  • Casuative Brachyspina *
  • Y SNP Testing
  • Causative Horned / Polled
  • A2 Beta Casein
  • Causative Complex Vertebrae Malformation (CVM)*


* Traits available for Holstein animals, but may not be available for all breeds.




non-discount: $96
discount: $92

Required Information

  • Sample ID
  • Animal ID
  • Unique ID
    (Reg. #/RFID/AIN)
  • Breed
  • Sex
  • Birth Date
  • Multiple birth status
  • Preferred: Sire ID
  • Preferred: Dam ID